Do you know where your wig comes from?

"Black people's hair is naturally curvy and difficult to manage, so wigs are a necessity for them," said an official from henan ruimei real hair co., LTD., according to the south China morning post.And cheap Chinese wigs naturally became the first choice for black women.


"We're looking at different black communities, especially the hair of black celebrities like rihanna, beyonce and michelle Obama," the executive said.

As a result, the relatively high income level of the United States, where African americans account for more than 13 percent of the population, naturally became the focus of xu chang's wig exports.According to data published by the south China morning post, sales of wigs exported from China to the United States totaled $1.411 billion in 2018, more than a third of the total.

By comparison, benin, South Africa and Nigeria together import $1.1 billion from China, and if you add in other African countries, African wig sales from China are approaching those of the United States.

Data of China's wig export in various countries in 2018

Take Rebecca, a local wig manufacturing and export giant in henan province, for example. In recent years, its sales in Africa have been increasing year by year, and Africa has replaced Europe as Rebecca's second market.

The proportion of wigs exported by Rebecca company to various countries from 2012 to 2018

According to the south China morning post, the rising consumption power of African countries, the rise of e-commerce, China's One Belt And One Road policy and the high tariffs on wigs in the United States are the main reasons for the rapid development of the African market in recent years.

According to the south China morning post, the continent spent $1.4 trillion in 2015, and that figure could rise to $2.1 trillion by 2025.West African country benin, for example, imported $394 million in wigs from China in 2018, up 48 percent from 2017.The improvement of living and consumption level effectively increased the enthusiasm of local people to buy wigs.

Second, the south China morning post believes that China's One Belt And One Road policy and the rise of e-commerce have also contributed to the export of Chinese wigs to Africa.Under the initiative of One Belt And One Road, China has built a large amount of infrastructure in Africa, providing the African people with a "smooth" logistics experience.

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