What did wigs mean for black women?

One is out of love of beauty

In urban and rural areas across Africa, you can find mobile stalls dedicated to brushing women's hair.African hairdressers are skilled at designing and combing a variety of beautiful and elegant hairstyles with national characteristics according to different ages, identities and occupations.Little girl's hair style is mostly light and lively, have plenty of chong day pigtails;Young women like circular hairdo, by to all round erect countless root braid composition, or pull in the top of the head, or drape on the shoulder, some will short hair pulled into clingy scalp a small braid, the form is like watermelon, some will hair cent size identical small piece, tie up together after tight, shape resembles pineapple.


In addition, because of the shape of the name "scale", "screw", "shell pattern".Some women also decorated their hairstyles with seashells and beads to make them look radiant.In recent years, African barber designs a kind of new hairstyle again, be in namely between the head and neck root, comb rise two height consistent, alternate with orderly aperture small bridge, just like "small bridge running water", unusual and chic.

The second is to express a sense of identity with a hairstyle

It is braid likewise, exquisite also each has different.Some have a single braid, some have a full head braid;For example, fulani, an ethnic group in northern Nigeria known for its nomadic trade, has married women with pigtails to make it easier to wear a lot of accessories to show off their husband's wealth.The 80 pigtails of dogon women near timbuktu, Mali, symbolize the eight clans that make up the ancient nation, known as hardingkai, which means "home and everything goes together."


The more complicated the braiding process is, the more noble the status is. Some hairstyles are tribal and some regional or tribal hairstyles are symbols of age, status and status.But complicated hairstyles in Africa are not affordable for everyone, and can cost at least 200 yuan or more.Some rich women can spend as much as $500 a month on wigs.

African women spend most of their money on their hair, braiding their hair and not washing it for at least a couple of weeks.When you wash it, you shampoo it, you don't take it apart, you're very careful, and then you rinse it off with a lot of water.


In Africa, each person has three wigs, not braid women, there are only two kinds of hair: bald, no money women are bald;Straighten it out. It costs money.

Three is to comb the hair shade cool

Except the Sahara desert is hot all the year round, most of the African continent is plateau, the climate is relatively dry.The hair of black africans was thin and curly, and clung to the scalp. It was long, not braided, not straightened, just like weeds, very untidy, ugly, and uncombed.Plait plait has the effect of refreshing shading in addition to beauty.

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