What you don't know about wigs

Although wigs are not very attractive, they can be sold in the hands of Chinese people.

Although yiwu is a small place, there are many black women living here. Businessmen with a keen sense of smell know from this group that high-quality human wigs are a big business overseas, especially in Europe and America.Traditional foreign trade is not easy to go, not only the cost is high, the effect is not obvious.However, in the Internet era, especially the popularity of the mobile Internet, businesses like looking for a needle in a haystack to find consumers model has been overturned, consumers will automatically come to the door.

On the social network platform, people share, communicate and interact with each other, but also generate a new consumption desire.When users find their favorite products on social networking platforms, they become potential consumers.

 With the help of social network platform, shexuan e-commerce company in yiwu, whose main business is human wigs, has covered more than 80 countries in the world.Just looking at the data, the purchase volume increased by 82.5% and the return on advertising expenditure increased by 66.5%!

Wigs are not the only products made in China that have gone overseas in recent years.PaMu wireless bluetooth headsets of xiamen pameite technology co., LTD., flag products of shenyang qisheng outdoor products co., LTD., and furniture products developed and designed by bazhou yulun furniture co., LTD., have been blown to various corners of the overseas market under the influence of social networking platforms.

 In the Internet era, social network platforms are the gathering place and birthplace of traffic, where a large number of users find and buy their favorite products. Meanwhile, in the interpersonal communication of sharing, communication and interaction, good made in China can be promoted.

 Unlike traditional trade, all of this happens precisely to consumers, and the focus on goods is a spontaneous behavior of consumers.

 Mass audience, instant accurate matching

In recent years, with the disappearance of the dividend period of old marketing channels, "finding customer gathering place" and "rapid drainage" are becoming more and more important.With three powerful tools, precision marketing based on social networking platforms is at the right time wigs.



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