Do you know what it would be like for a black woman to wear a wig and turn into Snow White

Wigs are essential for black women. When a black woman wears a wig after makeup, how much difference does it make? Let's take a look.

Now it can be said that there is no national boundaries, can be seen through these platforms, of course, there will be a lot of different kinds of dress up, our country's very famous people's imitation, these imitation will also be seen by some foreign friends, they will also because of a moment of pleasure, to imitate.One of them is a popular live streaming platform, and many fans are also following it. A black woman challenges Snow White and daubs her face with foundation. After putting on a wig, she becomes like this.

Which country is known to all, the color of skin is different, because of differences in climate, led to everyone's different, such as our country's people are yellow skin, but also the national special skin white, color of skin, of course, everyone knows that Africa, on a live broadcast, challenge is the makeup of our nation's Snow White.

Then the woman began to disguise himself, now some of your paint is very thick powdery bottom, of course, her skin will not immediately turned white, although also use a lot of a lot of powdery bottom, but the color is a bit like chocolate, at last the woman began to draw his eyebrows, incredibly took to their white eyebrows, then use eye shadow can also give yourself compared the color of the light, and then decorated with simple grooming pen, immediately feel very different, face the appearance of many astigmatism, even oneself also got a white lips, finally the makeup look out,Everyone began to tease, really is not good looking, feel wig is very strange.

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