How to do wigs

Wigs were a necessity for black women, who often had slow, hard, curly hair because of genetic problems.But for a woman who loves beauty, who doesn't want a head of black and beautiful long hair, so wigs are particularly important to them.But do you know how to take care of our long hair?Let's take a look at it next.

1. Be careful not to spray gel water, wax and other styling agents on wigs, which will make wigs sticky;

2. Chemical fiber wigs are not allowed to be dyed. If you need to trim them, you can ask a professional stylist to trim the hair.

3. Comb gently.Wig cover should be combed before use, it is ok to try to comb in a way after wearing wig cover.Comb wig generally choose a relatively sparse comb for the good, comb wig to use oblique side combing method, can not comb straight, and the action to light;

4. Don't use hairpins.Some people like to use hairpins to hold the wigs in case the wind blows them away.But don't overdo it.Otherwise, the net cover that easily snags a bad wig.Accordingly, had better not use hairpin, can use ornamental hairband to secure the hair on wig;

5, in the process of finishing and wearing a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon;

6. Try not to be close to high temperature, because of the material, wigs are not resistant to high temperature (unless specially noted as high temperature silk).

7, usually do not wear it on the original packaging, to take the time to shake it back to the original;

8, wigs can be tied up, but can not tie too high or under their own real hair will run out;

9, the use of wig special non-oily maintenance fluid (use method is also very simple: before taking a few gently spray on the wig can be) can make the wig become soft and shiny and prevent static electricity, let the wig has been kept moist state just like when you just bought back!

10, relatively long wig comb when the hair will be long segments, from the bottom up comb, must be light, to be patient;

11, if the wig used for a long time knot is not good to comb do not force pull, should be sprayed on the wig special non-oily maintenance fluid and then slowly carefully open;

After learning the above tips on how to manage our wigs, we can easily manage our wigs at home.

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