How to wear wigs correctly

Wigs are a must in life for black women, but for beginners, many women still don't wear them properly, and many wear them easily or look unnatural.So let's take a look at how to wear wigs properly.

The first big step: wearing a hair net short hair net is easier, get the hair into the hair net;But long hair is not easy to make, the teaching method on the network (no matter be hairstyle kind website or net shop) it is to suggest long hair hair is bound or braid mostly, wear hairnet again next, tie good or braid good hair to knead inside hairnet even.But then the question arises.Because it is to tie hair or braid, there is always a rubber band or braid is relatively hard place, the head is very easy to have a bag, appear uneven.Wearing a hairnet is all about hiding the real hair and turning the head to its roundest, most perfect shape -- so tying or braiding your hair before wearing a hairnet is not the best way to wear a hairnet.The individual recommends optimal wear hairnet method: no matter length hair, need not tie hair, put hairnet into the neck directly, pull the one end that sends a net to loosen a mouth to pull next, wrap the hair completely go in, knead even with the hand next.This method is really too easy to use, after careful kneading, the head is round like a ball, completely won't have a knot in one's heart to rise the place of the bag, also won't affect the wearing effect of wig again.Need to pay attention to is: 1. Pull hair net to pull upwards, want to use qiao jing, the end with hair net downwards (namely the one end of close mouth) want to press hairline, do not exceed.Pull too much hair net easy loose, pull not enough hair net easy leak out.2. People with long hair and large amount of hair can fix several small clips on the closing position card after wearing the hair net.

The 2nd pace: wear wig as long as hairnet is worn good, wig is easier to wear.The method that introduces on the net basically normal is ok, but the word that does not have experience may wear crooked, perhaps total feeling where strange, wear over feeling uncomfortable or not quite beautiful.Here introduce a adjust wig wearing tips to avoid the above problems, and also mentioned a total taught me, very practical: after wig set the whole wear to the head, hands touch the wig sideburns position of lining cloth, there are two small radian of outstanding of lining cloth, both hands pull on one side of the lining cloth, respectively, to adjust to the position of symmetry, OK!

Of course, the most important thing for us to wear our wigs well is to master skilled skills through daily practice, so that we can wear wigs easily in the future.

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